AGENTIC. What does it mean?

“To be an agent is to intentionally make things happen by one’s actions”   – Albert Bandura

A term taken from a social cognition  theory  which views  people not  merely as reactive organisms but individuals  who think for themselves  and  act  in ways  that  shape  their experiences,  we,  too, believe that individuals are capable of being  proactive and set in motion change in their lives.  For such persons,  we endeavor to help them achieve  their goals.


To help  Filipinos who plan to live, work, study abroad pass the IELTS test by improving their English communication skills, giving them all necessary information on IELTS,  providing them with the fundamentals for their review and teaching them test taking skills.


To be recognized as a committed partner in our reviewees’ quest for a better life abroad by providing them with personalized, quality review designed  to address their particular needs to enable them to meet the IELTS band score required for their visa.

Who We Are

We are a team of highly qualified instructors with teaching experience ranging from international students to tertiary students.  Having taken and passed the IELTS test with flying colors, we are in a better position to help you achieve your desired band scores.

  • We have gathered and collated ample materials for you to practice on under our supervision to hone your test taking skills.
  • We provide thorough one-on-one coaching in Speaking and Writing.
  • We sit down with you individually to discuss our assessment of your performance and provide you with our inputs on how to improve your scores.
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