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The review experience was definitely worth more than what I paid for. The ambiance and facilities were great and conducive to learning, there were unlimited supply of review materials, and the coaching sessions were very effective. Also, the instructors truly care with how well you are learning. Thank you, Agentic! 

Alex Redome

Overall Band Score: 7.5

Agentic caters to their reviewees individually. The reviewers help hone your skill on the English language, which builds confidence in the process, instead of just providing formulas and formats on how to approach the given tasks. I loved that I was able to review at my own pace and with my own style. No regrets with this review center. 

Kate Benetua

Overall Band Score: 8

Agentic has a personalized approach to reviewing, taking into consideration the unique needs and styles of each candidate. The projected band scores given by its highly qualified and dedicated personnel approximate the actual scores that the candidate gets in the IELTS exam. These, plus the center’s comfortable and highly conducive environment make Agentic the best review center!

Darius Dagnalan

Overall Band Score: 8.5

The mentors in Agentic really have a personal touch in treating their reviewees. They also recognize that everyone has different styles in writing and they don’t let you conform to patterns for tasks. The ambiance is great for studying and they treat you like family..  thank you..

Hannah Recto

Overall Band Score: 8

The IELTS preparation is not an easy process. Everyday you need to work hard and improve your skills in order to reach your goals. Agentic, Inc. has helped me a lot during these times. The very competent mentors will really encourage and push you to bring out your potential. From the intensive reviews to the individualized coaching, they see to it that your needs are well catered. When you feel down about your outputs, they will find a way to uplift your spirits and will teach you to believe in yourself and that you can do better. Aside from my strong belief in God, their teachings served as my foundation and strength during the exams. Without them, I may not have achieved my desired band scores. Much obliged to my Agentic family!

Elona Calmorin

Overall Band Score: 7.5

The instruction and feedback is terrific. The assessment is spot on. The small classes and ambiance is perfect.

AJ Salcedo

Overall Band Score: 8

Highly recommended IELTS review center! The coaches are highly qualified and dedicated to help their reviewees achieve their target bandscores by giving a thorough feedback on their writing outputs and speaking coaching sessions. In addition, the staff are also very approachable and accommodating to any queries and needs.
The review center itself is also conducive for learning and mimics the actual exam environment which is helpful in conditioning reviewees. You will surely get your money’s worth! 

Frances Soberano

Overall Band Score: 8

Agentic has a set of educators who could really help you conquer IELTS. Yes, they are strict during the learning process, but their comments are useful. You find yourself improving the next time you do your tasks. Although there is a bit of a pressure(sure, the examinees need that), they counter it with words of encouragement. Specific techniques on your areas of development are clearly pointed out. This review center is highly recommended to those who have their day jobs, as facilitators are available to coach individually, at your most convenient time. Their place is really conducive for learning and your comfort is highly taken cared of. Job well done and thanks for landing me my Uni offers. 

Lara Villaruel

Overall Band Score: 7

Before starting my review for the IELTS, I had doubts if I had the necessary and basic knowledge of English language and grammar. I asked and consulted my friends and colleagues for a review center that could cater to my needs especially since I am not confident with my ability. Agentic, Inc was most recommended review center among my colleagues and friends. I experienced an individualized approach and very systematic and thorough teaching process during my stay with them. Also, the place is so conducive and well-equipped with materials for studying during my preparation. Lastly, even if I doubted my readiness, they motivated me and addressed my weaknesses, determined from various evaluation and assessment throughout the course. Luckily I passed the IELTS UKVI on my first attempt and part of it is because of the great help of our mentors at Agentic.

So what are you waiting for, enroll now at AGENTIC INC for your IELTS exam preparation. This is based on my experience and I highly recommend it.

Cyneil Von Alarcon

Overall Band Score: 8



Simulated IELTS Exam

This would give you a feel of what it is to take the actual IELTS test. We also provide an estimated band score.



One-on-one sessions with our Speaking and Writing coach will help address specific target areas.

Intensive Preparation Course

All of the necessary information you need on the Listening, Reading, Writing and Speaking tests is condensed in a three-day workshop.

Unlimited Self-Review

Review whenever and as often as you like. Our instructors are present to help you in any aspect of your preparation.



Our one-hour workshops aim to demonstrate, and discuss specific language skills as well as providing opportunities for practice.

Timed Tasks

Timed tasks polish language skills and test-taking strategies. A good way to condition yourself for the test day.

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