Specific vocabulary

Above each underlined adjective, write another that gives more information. The first is done as an example.

1. The good salesperson won a good prize for having a good sales record.

2. The bad driver made a bad decision when he went the wrong way.

3. Voyager II made a nice discovery about Neptune’s rings.

Possible answers
  1. The deserving salesperson won a generous prize for having the highest sales record.
  2. The careless driver made a rash decision when he went the wrong way.
  3. Voyager II made a historic discovery about Neptune’s rings.

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Look at these sentences. For each one, cross out the adjective that CANNOT be used with the noun in bold to form a collocation.

1.It was possible to build up a small scene, though a large / big / number of cut-outs were required to do this.

2.Now it has become a Hollywood icon, with earnings of over 6.3 billion dollars and numerous / plentiful / countless films awards.

3.Many features of the film were seen as outstanding/ irreplaceable/ excellent.

4. It is considered to be one of the most extensive/ significant/ noteworthy achievements in the history of film animation.

5. This helped to enhance the appeal of one of the film’s central/ primary/ main characters. 

6. Many scenes took place underwater and relied on a certain/ particular/ sure level of brilliance and clarity throughout.

7. Yet cinema audience have increasingly high/ tall/ great expectations.


2 plentiful         3 irreplaceable           4 extensive       5 primary         6 sure         7 tall

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