Fill the gaps in the following description of the table by selecting any appropriate expression from those given. Note that more than one choice may be correct.

Of all the waste reported in the UNSW survey in 1966, it was found that (1) ___________ was paper which (2) __________ 52% of the waste found in the buildings. For both outside eating areas and skips, (3) ___________ of waste (4) ____________ compostable materials, which (5) ____________ 40% of the total.

1  a) the largest amount       b)  the greatest proportion       c) the majority                     d) the biggest number

2  a) made up                       b)  included                              c) accounted for                  d) was

3  a) the most significant      b) most                                     c) the highest level              d) the greatest percentage

4  a) consisted of                  b) was                                      c) amounted to                    d) accounted for

5  a) represented                  b) was                                      c) accounted for                   d) stood at



 a or b      a or b       3  a or d      4  a        a or c         

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