There are several types of questions that ask you to write words and/or numbers from the Reading passage. For these questions:

  • you will be told the maximum number of words to write.
  • you must only write words that are in the text (make sure you copy the spelling correctly)
  • you do not need to change the words in the text and you do not need to join the words together.


Recycling tips and hints
  • Use separate bins or bags waste and recyclables in the kitchen- it makes recycling easy.
  • Remember to recycle items from other rooms in your house. Try placing a separate bin in the bathrooms, laundry or study.
  • Your normal household waste is collected every week and should go in the bin with the black lid. Place all recyclable items in your bin with a yellow lid. This will be emptied every two weeks. Make sure you do not include plastic shopping bags in with your recyclables.
  • You can find out your collection day by contacting the council on 3403 8888. You can also get a free reusable bag and use it to collect recyclables around the house or take it shopping and cut down on plastic bags.
  • You do not need to remove staples or the plastic window from envelopes, as this is done in the recycling process.
  • Tree trimmings, grass clippings and flowers are not recyclable, even though paper is made from woodchip. These items should either be turned into compost or placed in your general waste bin.
Why recycle?

For every tonne of waste paper that gets recycled, 13 trees are saved. One job is created for every 500 tonnes of paper collected for recycling. Every year in Australia, we use about 3.5 million tonnes of paper and cardboard- enough to fill 160,000 semi-trailers. Paper can be recycled six times before it needs new fibers added.

Want to know more about recycling?

Visit our website or call 34679808 to talk to our experts at the recycling centre.

Short Answer Question
Answer these short-answer questions. Choose NO MORE THAT ONE WORD AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage for each answer.
  1. What will you help to protect if you recycle one tonne of waste?
  2. How many tonnes of paper products do Australians use each year?
  3. What is the telephone number of the recycling center?
Sentence Completion
Complete the following sentences with NO MORE THAT TWO WORDS AND/OR A NUMBER from the passage.
  1. You should put special bins for collecting recyclables in different ­­­­­­­­____________.
  2. Plastic shopping bags should be put in the bin with the _____________ top.
  3. The council will collect your recyclables every ­­­­­­­­____________.
  4. If you call the council, they will tell you your ____________.
True, False, Not Given
Decide if the statements in Question 3-6 are True, False or Not Given. For each question, justify your answer using relevant parts of the passage.

1.       Envelopes with a plastic window are unsuitable for your recycling bin.  False

2.       Staples often damage the recycling machinery. Not Given

3.       Garden waste should be thrown away with food waste.

4.       Recycling can help to reduce unemployment.

5.       Paper that has already been recycled is unsuitable for recycling.

6.       The fibres that are added to recycled paper are environmentally friendly.

Short Answer Questions
  1. (13) trees
  2. 3.5 million (tonnes) (N.B. 3.5 million counts as ‘a number’ even though it is written in words)
  3. 3467 9809


Sentence completion
  1. rooms
  2. black
  3. two weeks
  4. collection day
True, False, Not Given

3. True

4. True

5. False

6. Not given

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