Write an introduction for the following question. Prompts are provided.

Illiteracy has traditionally been viewed as a third world problem. However, in developed countries, illiteracy is increasing. Examine the possible causes for this and its effect on society. 

For introductory sentence/s, consider the following questions:
  1. How do you define literacy (or illiteracy)?
  2. How can you paraphrase third world and developed countries?
  3. Why is this topic relevant/important/surprising?
Refer to the essay outline when constructing your thesis statement

Paragraph 1: Cause

  • Before people needed to read to learn or get information but now they can do that by watching television.
  • Blue-collar jobs can provide decent wages; Most of these do not require reading and writing.


Paragraph 2: Effect

  • Unemployment: For example, manufacturing jobs are being outsourced
  • Illiteracy could hinder individual’s acquisition of new knowledge. As a result, the country would have difficulty in looking for prospective workers with specialized skills.
Sample Introduction

Not being able to read or write is usually attributed to poverty or lack of access to education, a problem that is commonly associated with developing countries. It is therefore surprising that developed countries with all its resources and advantages see a decline in literacy rates. This may be because their citizens do not see it as essential compared to the past; however, illiteracy could have a negative impact on the country’s economic growth.

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