Now try the task

Look the diagram below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.


The rural village of Zinacantan, situated high in the hills of southern Mexico, is inhabited by people descended from the ancient Mayans. The villages of this area are unique and interesting in terms of their traditions and lifestyle. A typical house has only two rooms: one large room, which serves as both a living room and a bedroom, and a small kitchen leading off this room. A typical home would have a row of beds along one wall, and three or four chairs in the middle of the room from which the family can watch the television. In the kitchen there is an open fire in the centre of the room, a bench for grinding corn and two large storage bins in the corner. A wide variety of crops are cultivated on the surrounding land, including herbs near the kitchen, and fruit trees beyond this. On the outer edge of the property the family would grow sugar cane.


23  (row of) beds

24  television (TV is wrong because it isn’t in the article)

25  (two/large) storage bins (you can add two or large but not both as this would make four words)

26  sugar cane

How many expressions of place can you find in the passage?

situated high, leading off, along, in the middle of, from which, in the center of, in the corner, surrounding, beyond, on the outer edge

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