Now try the task

Choose the correct letter, A, B, C, or D

1 What does the writer say about the environmental impact of the work at Lake Magadi?

A  It has little effect on the area.

It has been going on too long.

It has been well planned.

It causes harm to the birds.

Match the key words in the question – especially names to find the right part of the passage


For more than 60 years, the Magadi  Soda Company has been taking soda ash from Lake Magadi, south west of Nairobi, Kenya. The operation was set up without particular consideration for the natural environment but, over the years, it has proved harmless. The factory and town which might cause disturbance are located out of the way, about 15 kilometres from the area most densely populated by birds. The factory effluent consists only of returning lake water, and the gaseous emissions are only carbon dioxide and water.



Why are other options attractive but wrong?

For more than 60 years sounds like a long time but the writer does not say anything negative about this

The writer does not say it was well planned

D  Although birds are mentioned, they are mostly located away from the factory and town

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