Choose the correct word in these IELTS candidates’ answers.

1   In 1997 the employment figure / number was two million.

2   The data shows the difference between the percentage / percentages of men and women doing full-time jobs.

3   In the future the size / number of the population will increase sharply.

4  In Britain people spent the smallest number / amount of money on personal stereos.

5  Cinemas expect an increasing level / number of attendance in the future across all ages.

6   Going out to restaurants decreased dramatically to seven percentage / percent.

7   The number / quantity of people who came to Australia started to drop after 1994.

8   The graph shows that the percentage / per cent of 14 to 24-year-olds who are cinema-goers is higher than the other groups.

9   We can also see that the rate / proportion of males gaining diplomas was higher than that of females.

10  A small part / proportion of graduates are self-employed.

11  It can be seen that the majority of prisoners are male as the percentage / share of prisons who are female is only 4%.

12  The number of books published depends on the literacy rate / figure.


1 figure    percentages     3  size       amount      level      6  percent     7  number      8   percentage

proportion     10  proportion      11  percentage      12  rate

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