Rewrite the following sentences in a more academic manner.
  1. If you fail the psychometric test, you won’t be employed by the company
  2. You can clearly see the differences between these two processes.
  3. I thought the lecture was terribly difficult to follow.
  4. Exploring space is a waste of valuable resources.
  5. Older students perform better at university than younger ones.


Sample Answer

1.If a candidates fail their psychometric test, they will not be employed by the company.

2. The differences between these two processes are evident. 

Sentences 1 and 2 are rephrased to avoid using the pronoun “you”

3. The lecture was difficult to follow./Most people had a hard time following the lecture. 

Taking “terribly” would make the tone more objective. Another option is to minimize the use of first person pronoun “I”.

4.  Exploring space would use a significant amount of valuable resources.

Avoid overly simplistic statements. “Would” is added; “waste” has a negative connotation so this was changed. 

5. Older students may perform better at university than younger ones. 

Use hedging to avoid overgeneralized statements. For this sentence, the modal verb “may is used.


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