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Remember that a synonym is a word that has exactly OR nearly the same meaning. This means a synonym may not be 100% the same – it may be only very similar in meaning

Health conditions associated with wealth are sometimes referred to as diseases of affluence. These include diseases which are not communicable, such as Type 2 diabetes, cancer, and stroke as w ell as alcohol and drug addiction, obesity and some allergies. Risk factors for these conditions are associated with the lifestyle of the economically prosperous, in particular: physical inactivity, easy availability of meat, sugar, salt and processed foods, excessive consumption of alcohol and tobacco, and lower exposure to infectious agents.

The diseases of poverty, in contrast, are predominantly infectious diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria and diarrheal diseases. Risk factors for these conditions include: overcrowding, inadequate sanitation, malnutrition, and inadequate access to health care. Millions of lives could be saved every year by addressing these underlying problems and by simple preventive measures such as immunizing the population against common infectious agents.

Source: Williams, A (). Vocabulary for IELTS.

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