Now try the task

Read the passage below. Complete the summary using the list of words, A-I, below.

Key considerations

Research shows that, when choosing a home, most people are keen to find somewhere that is in the right place: that is close to work or study or has easy access to public transport. Property consultants agree that, cost aside, aspects such as the number or size of the rooms, or the furniture (if the property is furnished), okay a secondary role.

In the same way, the medical care in hospitals and the hospital record on this are far more important to patients than things like whether the latest drugs are being used or whether the number of nurses and doctors is considered exemplary.


Studies indicate that people generally focus on the (4) ____________ of housing, rather than on the physical (5) __________ or the (6) ____________.

This general (7) ______________ also applies to medical treatment. Patients note the quality of care, rather than focusing on the level of (8) _____________ at the hospital.


A way                                     F location

B features                              G principle

C contents                             H prices

D staffing                               I pieces

E movement

Which words in the passage helped you choose the correct words from the box?


4  F (in the right place)

5  B (number or size of the rooms)

6  C (furniture)

7  G (in the same way)

8  D (number of nurses and doctors)

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