Complete the sentences below.

Choose NO MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.


Type of word

4 singular noun

5 _________

6 _________

7 _________

Complete the table on the left first to help you predict the answers.

4  Scientists have done experiments on birds in a ________

5  The birds reached a maximum hourly flight distance of _______.

6  the aim of scientists was to calculate the amount of _______ they needed to fly.

7  _______ are the only solution to human flight.


4  singular noun                              wind tunnel

5  numbers and distance                50 kilometers

6  uncountable noun                       (mechanical) energy / power

7  plural noun                                  (flying) machines

Why would these answers be marked wrong?

tunnel/ a wind tunnel (Q4)

not enough/ article unnecessary

50 kilomiters/ 50 kilometres per hour (Q5)

spelling error/too many words. per hour unnecessary

oxygen demand/ watts (Q6)

not the aim/ not uncountable

flying machine/flapping wings (Q7)

not plural / these make humans fail

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