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Answer the questions below

Choose No MORE THAN THREE WORDS from the passage for each answer.

From the earliest times, people have devised highly ingenious methods for conserving water where it is scarce. In the Sahara in Africa, where two-thirds of the sparse population live in permanent settlements, many of the oases that provide natural supplies of water have been enlarged by human industry. In some places, gently sloping channels called foggaras run below the surface, collecting ground water that follows to a central oasis. In other places, artesian wells are used to irrigate date palms and other crops that grow in the shade they provide. In Egypt, only one per cent of all water enters the domestic supply. The remainder is used to irrigate farm crops.

1  Where do many people in the Sahara have their homes?

 What water sources in the Sahara have people developed?

 What land constructions are used for irrigation purposes in the Sahara?

 Which African crop is mentioned?

5   How much of the water is Egypt is used by people in their homes?


1 (in) permanent settlements

2 (central) oases

3 (artesian) wells

4 (date) palms

5  one perc ent

Which words did you highlight in the questions?

what water sources + developed/ what land constructions + irrigation/ which crop / how much of the water + homes

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