Study the bar chart below. Notice that you have to estimate some of the numbers. Answer the questions by choosing the best answer A, B, or C.

One hundred adults, boys and girls in Manchester, England were asked to name the sports they participated in. The results were recorded in the following stacked bar chart.

Approximately how many adults play basketball?

80                       B  25                     C  10

2  How many boys enjoy swimming?

A about 40             B about 60            C about 170

3  Which sport is enjoyed by the same number of adults as girls?

A basketball           B tennis                C football

4  Which group seems to participate in the most sport overall?

A adults                B boys                   C girls


1 C    2 B     3 C     4 B

Read the model answer below.

5  Find a sentence that give an overview of the main information.

6  Find four examples of the main features of the data that have been selected and reported.

7  Check the word count

8  Find a piece of information that should be deleted.

9  Decide what the details are missing.

10  Complete the answer so that there are 150 words.


The chart shows the responses of a group consisting of 100 boys, 100 girls and 100 adults in Manchester, England, when ask whether they participated in four sports: basketball, swimming, tennis and football. From their responses, it is clear that swimming is the most popular sport among all groups, and that from these three groups, boys participated in the most sports.

In fact, three out of the four sports, boys were the major participants. The only sports not enjoyed by the boys surveyed was hockey, sport that the vast majority of the girls who were interviewed participated in. Other sports enjoyed by girls were tennis and basketball. However, only a very small number, approximately 10 of the 100, participated in football. We can conclude from this that girls in Manchester enjoy hockey a lot and that they don’t particularly like football.


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