Write an overview for graphs 2-5 and compare with sample answers below.


Graph 2

Graph 3

Graph 4

Graph 5


Sample Answers

Graph 2 – Overall, the number of foreign holidays remained fairly stable, except for in Germany where there was a significant increase over the years. Germans also took far more trips abroad than any of the other Europeans.

Graph 3 – There was an overall increase in the number of foreign travellers from 2002 to 2012. Foreign holidays were most popular with citizens of Spain and the UK. French people took the fewest vacations to other countries over the years.

Graph 4 – From an overall perspective, overseas holidays became less popular from 2002 to 2012, except for in the UK where there was an increase in foreign holidays. Holidays in other countries were far less popular with Spanish people than any of the other European countries.

Graph 5 – In general, the number of people who went abroad on holiday increased over the period, except for in 2006 when all countries took the lowest number of vacations in other countries. The highest percentage of foreign holidays was taken by Germans.

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