You are going to write a paragraph based on the outline below:

  1. Do not include the supporting detail that is not relevant to the main idea.
  2. You may include addition supporting points or examples.
  3. Use connecting words (first, in addition, however, etc.) to link your ideas.

Main idea: Challenges of being a celebrity 

Supporting ideas:

  • Celebrities have to be perfect all the time
  • Celebrities’ private life often publicized
  • Celebrities are often paid in millions
  • Celebrities can attract wrong kind of attention



Sample Paragraph

Having a job that requires them to be in front of the camera is demanding enough but these days celebrities are also scrutinized off camera. Whenever one watches showbiz news, there is always an actor or TV personality who is mocked or praised for their physical appearance, anything from their fashion choices to weight gain. Not only that, their private lives are turned into fodder for tabloids which the public can’t seem to get enough of. Most celebrities are well-aware of the challenges that comes with fame; however, some of these unwanted attention can be proven fatal. John Lennon, for example, was shot outside his New York apartment by a man because he, the shooter, wanted to be famous for killing someone famous.

*notice that supporting point, “celebrities are often paid in millions” is excluded in the paragraphs as it does not support the main idea. 


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