Preparation Course


Check out our OET Reading Course.

This covers of components and skills needed to do well in the OET Reading Test.

In-class Preparation Course

OET Fundamentals

provides you with basic information about the OET (test format, grading criteria) and how to approach the test. The course runs for four days with each day focusing on a different module: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.


OET Skills Support

Practice skills with instructor supervision and receive feedback for each sub-test. The schedule is flexible depending on the agreed upon time between the instructor and students.


OET Simulation

Apply skills learned in exam-like setting and receive a assessment of your skill and readiness.

2hrs. 50mins.

Why study with us?

Agentic, Inc. is an official Preliminary Preparation Provider of OET. Our qualified instructors have complied with their OET training program. We endeavor to deliver quality instruction and help our students achieve their OET scores.

Join our FB group page, Agentic, Inc. OET

Agentic, Inc. reviewees are more than welcome to join our facebook group page where they can read and share study tips.

Group Bookings

Additional sessions may be run outside regular class times. Please contact us if you wish to make a group booking. (at least 5)

OET Registration Assistance

We offer free assistance to reviewees registering for OET.

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