1. Know about the format of the test and how you will be graded.
  2. Be familiar with the types of questions you would encounter in writing task 2
  3. Be familiar with different parts of an essay
  4. Know the basic skills needed:
  • understanding the questions
  • linking ideas

For numbers 1 -4, refer to writing task 2 lessons @ agenticinc.com

Introduction to writing task 2

Writing task 2 Overview

Types of Task 2 Questions

Writing Task 2 Fundamentals

Parts of an Essay

Understanding the question

Linking Ideas

Writing Introductions

Writing Conclusions

  1. Write a variety of task 2 essays.

You go through the questions in this folder in order. However, you only have a short     preparation time. Please check the last page for the suggested sequence.


Essay Submission procedure

Before submission, check if

  • Minimum word count of 250 is reached
  • Question is answered accordingly
  • Essay has at least 4 paragraphs

What’s next?

1-on-1 Conference

After receiving feedback on your 3rd or 2nd essay, you will receive a notice to schedule a one-on-one conference with an instructor. Clarification will be discussed. Rewriting instructions for 2nd editing & proofreading to follow.


For 2nd editing, essay is checked again for content, organization and overall language.

For proofreading, essay is checked for grammar and vocabulary



With a new essay, apply what you have learned.

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