Before submission, check if

  • Minimum word count of 150 (for task 1) or 250 (for task 2) is reached
  • Prompt or Question is answered accordingly
  • Essay has at least 4 paragraphs

How to submit writing activity output

Submission Procedure (Click to open)
  1. Set up a google docs account. You need to set up or use your existing gmail.
  2. Filename starts with the first three letters of your last name, underscore, followed by your first name initials, underscore, then the essay number.For example.

    Name: Marie Gabrielle Chiongson 

    Filename: chi_mg_essay01 


    Effective today, Feb 15, 2021 essays will be submitted three at a time.
    1 google docs shared with should contain 3 written outputs. New filename will look this this:
    • chi_mg_essay01,02, & 03
    • chi_mg_linegraph1, linegraph2 & bargraph1 OR
    • chi_mg_gtw1,gtw2 & gtw3

3. Click the share button (found in the upper right-hand corner) and type in the dialogue box. The documents you share will only be seen by us; other reviewees would need permission from the user (you) to see your written output.

4. Include your name, date and the complete question with your essay.

What’s next?

1-on-1 Conference

After receiving feedback on your 3rd or 2rd essay, you will receive a notice to schedule a one-on-one conference with an instructor. Clarification will be discussed. Rewriting instructions for 2nd editing & proofreading to follow.


For 2nd editing, essay is checked again for content, organization and overall language.

For proofreading, essay is checked for grammar and vocabulary


With a new essay, apply what you have learned.

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