Writing Activity

filename: adjectivesandadverb

Follow the essay submission procedure


Sentences containing verb phrases such as fell steadily can often be written using the correct form of there is/are and a related noun. Read the examples. Then rewrite sentences a-j below.


The consumption of chocolate fell steadily. (verb + adverb)

There was a steady fall in the consumption of chocolate. (there was a + adjective + noun)

The production of films has risen dramatically. (verb + adverb)

a. Spice exports from Africa fluctuated wildly over the period.

There were _________________________________________________.

b. The development of new products fell gradually.

There was __________________________________________________.

c. There has been a noticeable decrease in research investment.

Research ___________________________________________________.

d. The purchases of tickets dropped significantly last month.

There was __________________________________________________.

e. On the Internet, the number of sites rose significantly.

There was __________________________________________________.

f. There was a sudden decrease in the sale of mangos.

The sale____________________________________________________.

g. At the theme park, there were very slight fluctuations in the number of visitors.

The number_________________________________________________.

h. There was a gradual decline in sugar imports.

Sugar ______________________________________________________.

i.The quality of food in supermarkets has increased slowly.

There has __________________________________________________.

j. The number of air travellers fluctuated remarkably.


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