Check the conversion table below. Did you get your target band score?

Revision Exercise

You will find the link to the transcripts below. By studying these, you will learn why your choice was correct and why it was wrong.

Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 1 Section 1

Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 1 Section 2

Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 1 Section 3

Cambridge IELTS 9 Test 1 Section 4

Common mistakes in IELTS Listening

  1. Not following instructions. You may have the correct answer but you have written 3 words instead of writing NO MORE THAN 2 WORDS. Or the instruction asked you to supply more than one correct answer but you only have one answer. This is incomplete and will be marked wrong. Always make sure that you do exactly what the instructions state.
  2. Being distracted. Only hear the audio once, so stay focus and do your best to concentrate.
  3. Wrong spelling and/or grammar. Incorrect spelling will be marked wrong, same with writing the singular form of the word when the plural form “s” is required.
  4. Not using time wisely. You have around 30 seconds before the audio starts. Use that time to go over the questions, identify key words and predict the type of answer you need.


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