Writing Activity

Write an essay essay for the following question below. Follow the essay submission procedure.



Global warming is one of the most serious issues that the world is facing today.

Discuss the causes and effects of global warming.




Write a list of cause and effects that you might include in an essay on this topic. Choose one or two major cause and one or tow major effect.

Causes of global warming                                                                        Effects of global warming





Organize your ideas

I. Introduction

II. Body Paragraph 1 – Cause or Effect

III. Body Paragraph 2 – Cause or Effect

( Body Paragraph 3) – optional

IV. Conclusion 




Choose either a block
or a chain structure





Writing Checklist

  • Does the essay have a thesis statement?
  • Does each paragraph have a clear central point?
  • Does each body paragraph have a topic sentence?
  • Does each body paragraph have sufficiently supported the main idea (with explanations, examples etc.)?
  • Has the conclusion summarized the main ideas?
  • Is the essay using an appropriate structure? (Either a chain or block structure)
  • Are cause and effect structure words used accurately?
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