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We have combined the online learning and in-person instruction to create a richer IELTS training experience.


Candidates can start their preparation at the comfort of their home, and continue studying outside center’s office hours wherever they are.


Our online lessons give candidates a clear understanding of the test format and requirements while face to face instruction provides useful feedback on their performance. Combining these two modes would help candidates learn and apply language skills effectively. 


Candidates can start anytime . They can progress quickly or work at pace that fits their schedule.

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What our students say about us

Clem Marnel Burgos

“I asked God for an ideal review center that could guide me in my IELTS journey. And I have to say that AGENTIC is that perfect guide! They’re all about quality than quantity.” Overall Band score: 8

Darius Dagnalan

“Agentic has a personalized approach to review taking into consideration the unique needs and styles of each candidate. The projected band scores given by its highly qualified and dedicated personnel approximate the actual scores that the candidate gets in the IELTS exam. These, plus the center’s comfortable and highly conducive environment make Agentic the best review center!” Overall Band score: 8.5

Irish Latoza

“I really admire the mentors. They are not only passionate in coaching us but also encourage us to never give up and continuously exert effort to achieve our desired band score.” Overall Band score: 7.5


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Test Taker Tips

Read our students’ top strategies on how they obtained their band scores.

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